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  • Whole Hog

Whole Hog

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Place a $300 deposit to lock in your whole hog.


Buying Local, Farm-Fresh Meat is the Only Way to Go! 


PLEASE NOTE: Our hogs will be ready in October and November. 



Our animals are FREE from hormones, antibiotics, and vaccines. They are humanly raised on our farm where they can roam outside to wallow,  rut in the dirt and mud, and just be pigs.  They will give you the best-tasting meat they know how!   


A Whole hog can weigh approximately 200+/- pounds. 


The total price of a hog is calculated @ $5.50/# on the hanging carcass weight, plus the processing fee of $145 +/-.

A Whole hog should yield approximately 120 to 160 pounds of meat, *depending on the hanging weight and how you have it processed.


After placing your order, I will send an email letting you know the day when your animal goes in. I will then send you a blank cut sheet with the information for your hog.  It will roughly take 2-3 weeks for the processing. Some cuts need time for "smoking" if that is the option that you chose for your cuts. 


We use Jones Farm Meats, LLC in Saranac, MI. They are a USDA-certified processor. They vacuum, seal, and label with the weight and product name. We will pick up your order when the processing is complete and then we will deliver the product to your door at no charge.


Final payment preferred: Cash or Check (Heaven Sent Farms) 

Debit or Credit cards: Please add 3.5% 




Cut Options and Choices:

Roasts, Butt Roast, Pork Steaks,
Ground Pork, Cottage Bacon, Bacon,
Jowl Bacon, Canadian Bacon, Bratwurst 
Fresh Side Pork, Loin Roast
Pork Chops, Breakfast Sausage, Sausage Links
Lard, Smoked Ham, Fresh Ham
Head, Organ Meats (heart, tongue, liver), Bones
Smoked Ham Hocks, Fresh Ham Hocks

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