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Our Story

From thirty-four years on the fast track of life in the car racing industry, the opportunity presented itself and the decision was made to divert from that course of life and to return to a life more meaningful.  I’ve returned back to my roots and back to what I love and longed to do which is to work in agriculture. 

Scaling back to my roots, agricultural farming is where I am originally from. Growing up as a  country kid, I would sit for hours in one specific apple tree eating sour, green apples in the middle of an open field and dreamt for hours with literally, no worries in the world. I loved nature, animals, hunting and farming. Still today, this country kid still loves all of nature, the wildlife, farming and everything that agriculture entails. Having grown up in that era, those days were the best times in my life. Those days were priceless in memories; and the time was endless! Oh, how I wish I could be back in that apple tree and feel those feelings again! My home now sits in place of that apple tree!

Today, my family and I are back to a full-time journey of agricultural farming. You can say the Heaven Sent Farms’ has been in the Jeffrey family’s blood.  It came about some 45 years ago when my father, Dr. Graham Jeffrey started with two purebred Angus cows. He had always been a powerful mentor to me and brought his experience as the Director of Animal Health for Premier Beef Cattle corporation with him. That company owned and managed over 80,000 cattle in Michigan and in several western states. I learned that my father had been an important person in the beef cattle business. He was the role model that I looked up to in my life. I tagged along with my dad on many vet calls and had plenty of hands-on lessons and experiences in the cattle business. 

I am so grateful to have gotten the experience to learn from my father about agriculture, about caring and handling livestock, and learning along the way.  I owe it to my father and mother who had provided the experiences, the know-how, and the land that has made it possible for my family to carry on the tradition of agriculture into the 21st century. I have dedicated my farm’s name to my late parents, in honor of them.

Our family-run operation was built from the ground up. We run our cattle, raise our kids and operate our business on a farm in rural Webberville, Michigan. Our cattle are raised with the highest of standards in mind. While keeping in mind sustainability, soil regenerative, pasture rotational grazing on only the grasses in front of them. They are never fed grains; and are truly grass fed and grass finished from start to finish! We provide the resources, while the cattle produce the best, premium beef they know how!

Our goal is to provide worry free, healthy, premium grass-fed /grass-finished beef for our customers and continue to prosper our family farm and to leave a legacy not just for our family, but to our customers as well. We pride ourselves on creating profitable relationships that, like our business, stand the test of time.

Our Family is Dedicated and Focused on Your Needs:

  • Family, Health, Worry-Free Beef, Peace of Mind
  • Farm Fresh, Locally & Sustainably Raised
  • 100% Premium Grass Fed and Finished Beef (Angus)
  • Healthy Meat
  • Lean and Tender Steaks, Burger & Roasts
  • Keto, Paleo & The Carnivore Diets