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NOTE: $999 is for a 26% Deposit toward your order. Final payment is due upon delivery. The full price is shown below.


Important: (If you see the total price of $3850 crossed out and see the green $999 amount, this refers to the deposit towards your purchase and not the total price.)


Whole Beef Price: $3850 ($999 Deposit, Non-refundable)

Plus processing/butchering fee of approx. $500 (+/-)


(Roughly 625-650 lbs of meat) *depending on the size of the animal. 

Breakdown of the bill on delivery: Whole beef $3850 - ($999 deposit) = $2851 + ($500 roughly-processing fee) = $3351. This is roughly the amount of the final payment.

The final preferred payment: Cash or Check (Heaven Sent Farms)

Credit or Debit: Please add 3.5%


Reserve Yours Today! Going fast!


Do you like convenience, personal security, comfort, peace of mind, and all the health benefits of eating grass-fed beef, then this is the best option! Order now and feed your family this delicious beef that's guaranteed to impress everyone at the dinner table. 

All our beef is a premium, genuine grass-fed & finished product. No hormones or antibiotics. Our beef cattle take longer to grow and dress out in size from start to finish. Which means longer time on the pasture. We "dry age" our beef for 21 days to get the maximum flavor and tenderness that everyone desires. While others, only 10-14 days. The meat is of premium quality.


 Beef... Hand Carved Your Way!

You are in control of how your beef is hand-carved. Your choice of what steaks you prefer, how thick to have them cut, and the number of steaks per package.

Cuts: Ribeyes, Short Ribs, Soup bones, Roasts, Sirloin

Bone-in Option: T-Bone, Porterhouse.

(OR) Bone-out Option: New York Strip, Tenderloin.

More Cuts: Round Steak, Sirloin Tip Steak, Brisket, Flank, Shirt, Ground Beef, and Patties.

Other Options: Organ meats: Liver, Heart, Tongue, Tail. Beef Marrow bones. Beef Suet

There might be a cut that you don't want, this is where you have the option to grind it into burger. You can grind some, most, or all of your beef if you so desire.
Each cut will be hand-carved to your specifications by Jones Farm Meat, the expert butcher. Each package is then vacuum sealed to preserve the quality of freshness and robust flavor along with our Heaven Sent Farms label. Each package of beef is USDA certified along with the name and weight of each cut.


My beef is BQA Certified which is explained below.
BQA Certified. Michigan Beef Quality Assurance Program. This helps beef farmers and ranchers raise better beef so consumers can feel better about buying it.  Raising quality beef requires commitment and hard work. Certification is earned, not bought. For beef farmers and ranchers, that means using modern techniques to raise cattle under optimal environmental and economic conditions. For consumers, it means knowing the beef they buy is wholesome and delicious. In fact, more than 85% of U.S. beef comes from BQA-certified farmers and ranchers. (beefthatswhatsfordinner)

Our Mission: To make your steps easier towards a healthier you with our flavorful and nutritious beef.


  • Step 1. - Choose a Whole, Half, or Quarter Beef
  • Step 2. - Place a deposit down to reserve your order.
  • Step 3. - We will then contact you about a week after taking the animals in and will set you up with the information that you will need to proceed with our processor/butcher. I will provide you with a blank cut sheet so that you can get an idea of what you would like to have done with your beef.  
  • Step 4. - The processor will notify us (and you) that your order has been processed and is ready to be picked up. No worries! We'll set up the day and time with you for delivery. We will pick up your order and we will deliver it to your door/freezer.
  • Step 5. - The final payment is due at the time of delivery as shown above.

I will contact you through email, so please check your junk/spam mail- if you do not see it in your primary email. It will be from Thank you!


Have questions? Email us at and we will be happy to assist you however possible.


Testimonial: "Thank you Ross for delivering our 1/2 steer - all 367 lbs! So happy to support a wonderful enterprise and family! We absolutely love your pastured beef and your dedication to producing the best quality product. God bless you and your family on this new journey!"  Larry and Lori M.  Williamston, MI




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